One of our passion projects is helping our military members in the community. PostTramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become and increasingly terrifying epidemic and we love assisting those who have served our country. ASDEC works closely with Balboa Navel Hospital to provide veterans with their dogs. We have successfully placed over 150 dogs with military veterans and look forward to placing 150 more.

We work with all of our clients in a “bootcamp” course to ensure the bond and communication between themselves and their service dog is strong. The teams are taken to public places to work on commands and scenarios to fortify their partnership.

“Our dogs always seem to pick the person, not the other way around,” the Whittakers.

One vet shares his story here: ”Veteran Gets Service Dog to Ease the Stress if an Amputated Leg, PTSD”, Fresno Bee by Lewis Griswoldl


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