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ASDEC started with the goal to keep at risk high school students in school though the enthusiasm of training service dogs. Our simple idea stretched beyond our original goal and has touched the lives of students, volunteers and clients alike. We are currently partnered with Woodlake High School and launched our afterschool program in 2018. Woodlake High School students participate in training our Golden Retrievers for service work and they are doing a fantastic job. From public speaking to parenting skills, our students and service dogs are thriving and learning from one another. Katie Parker, a former student of ASDEC leads the pack as the teacher for this unique after school opportunity.

“I never thought my life would come so full circle. I started training dogs at ASDEC when I was a student at WHS and now I’m here sharing what I love to do, and getting to help people along the way.” - Katie Parker 

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